Top 5 Career Opportunities That The E-Commerce Boom Brings to Nigeria

Over the last two years, the E-Commerce business in Nigeria has taken a rapid growth. Nigerians are getting more and more in-tune with buying products and services on the web. With the leaders being Jumia and Konga; but for now, there are over 1000 active E-Commerce website in the country selling different products to millions of consumers in Nigeria; products ranging from groceries, gadgets, home appliances, clothing, jewellery, accessories, etc. As this industry grows into a multi-billion Naira industry, it requires specialised individuals with great enthusiasm and skills to create or administer these online stores to the level where the Nigerian E-Commerce industry can compete with its international counterparts.

For clarity, the following are the sectors that are currently benefiting from the boom of E-Commerce in Nigeria:


A key success factor of any on-line retail store is the quality of the pictures on the website because this is the only way the customers can see and feel the products being paid for. E-Store owners need to hire professional photographers in order to render a qualitative and effective service to their customers.

Computer Programming

Web developers and programmers are probably the most sort after talents in the world right now and Nigerian E-Commerce business needs them more than ever. The strength of your programming team goes a long way to determine the experiences your website visitors will get when shopping on your website.

Graphic Designing

The most important ingredient needed to convert a first time visitor to a customer is your “packaging” or branding strategies, and what better way can you use to express this on the web than creating amazing graphic designs? It is obvious these days that big brands such as Asos, Jumia, Konga and few others have deep understanding of the essence of qualitative and creative web designs and the impact can be clearly seen at first glance on their websites.

Copy Writing

This is by far one of the most undermined jobs around (especially in Nigeria) but for any customer friendly web store, this role is highly important because there is a need for someone who can effectively relate with customers, provide contents that are devoid of ambiguity and tag or describe each product to customers in order to convince them to purchase the goods in stock.

Social Media Relations

The importance of social media for consumer products in Nigeria cannot be over emphasised. Experts in social media networking are needed by online business owners in order to boost traffic to their website and update customers about new products. Like many off-line businesses, web stores on their own do not generate traffic, a dedicated personnel is needed to publicise the online store with the help of social media platforms such as Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Blogspot, public forums and a host of others.


For many unemployed youths in Nigeria, the fields highlighted above are areas which you can tailor your career towards so as to be granted job placement without much stress, despite the high rate of unemployment in the country. With all the competitions around, more fresh graduates are released into the labour force yearly. Your degree alone may not give you the edge that you had always desired, you need to diversify so as to stand out of the crowd. University undergraduates are also advised to learn from this current trend and start preparing for their future from now. Lastly, for businessmen who are willing to build state of the art online store; note that the skills highlighted above are highly required (you can hardly do without them).

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    1. @Tijani elvis find a good Computer Training school to start with and read load of tutorials online and sure that will give you a good start.

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