5 Books Every GUI/UX design should read

Over the years there have been several books from different author and publishers aimed at discussing the different facet discipline Graphic User Interface and User experience design. On this post I have handpicked from the crowd the finest publications on the above topic.

The design of everyday things.

designThingsThis by far is the most popular book in the design world all though from industrial design perspective the author Donald A. Norman discusses cognitive psychology this master piece has inspired designers in virtually all areas design. With highly insightful analysis the author was able show how human-centered have helped build products we love.

Don’t Make me think

thinkThis is like the official text book of web UX 101 class. The book abstracts UX principles and simplifies it for web designers in a few amounts of pages. The first published in 2000 the author Steve Krug has published several editions ever since with the latest including mobile usability. Using clear and simple examples this book is suitable for both beginner and expert UI designer who cares about designing usable solutions.

Lean UX

leanAs the business world changes swiftly the important of the software development methodology agile/ scrum is injecting speed into software development and as such user experience should not be left behind. This was what leaded the Jeff Gothelf & Josh Seiden to writing Lean UX. Using the get it out of the factory approach the book teaches designer how to get the best user experience for their solutions in record time and also how a UX designer fits into the agile / scrum environment.

Evil by design

Ever wondered why people love popular brands like Apple and Nike so much? Chris Nodder explores in this entertaining book several approaches used by the world’s most popular company to build persuasive brands and products. The book highlights weakness in the human psychology and how you can tap into these to build patronage and loyalty for your websites, apps and products.

100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People

100Understanding the users(People), their expectations and psychology is a core ingredient to building ingredient to building a successful interface. Written by Susan Weinschenk this will equip you with the knowledge you required to understanding people and how they interact with digitals systems.

These are some of the coolest books I have read. If you know any other that is think I should look at I will be more than glad to pick it up.

3 thoughts on “5 Books Every GUI/UX design should read

  1. “Lean UX” got me my first design pitch, You needed to see the client face,he gave me 45% upfront before the design. i would love to read more creative books. Awesome Book there…

  2. “Lean UX” got me my first design pitch, you need to see the look on the client face, he gave me 45% upfront before the actual design process. if these is the niche, I rather read the remaining four books left.

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