3 Months of Sketch 3

After over 7 years of designing for all sort of medium using Adobe Photoshop and all its awesomeness I was was forced to switch to Bohemian coding Sketch3 in my new team, As its the official design tool being used by the team. It felt strange at first but within a couple of days I got used it. Its been over 3 months now since I have made the switch so its about time I give an account of my experience with the sketch so far. I will try as much as possible not make this another Photoshop vs sketch article, but will rather just point out key pros and cons of using sketch.


Pros of  Sketch

Easy of use

One thing you can about sketch3 is the is how easy its  to learn and use. Its so easy that even a design novice just needs an  of training to do great stuffs with it.


Compare to Photoshop CC which is around $250 per annum Sketch3 cost only $99. With the crazy exchange rates in Nigeria right now this is really a huge difference.


Unlike adobes Photoshop or Illustration which are pretty much a general purpose graphics tool. Sketch is a tool built solely for wireframming of user interface. This Sketch3’s focus approach makes it simple and light weight and yet is does really professional design in record time.


With the current design trends of SVGs, flats and CSS3  there is no better way to create mockups than using a vector design tool. For me this is this is the biggest strength of Bohemian Coding Sketch3 as it provides you with large amount of tools for editing and creating vector based wireframes.

Cons of sketch

Still buggy

Sketch3 is still very much in its early stage and as expected its still quite buggy and can crash on you occasionally. These however isn’t so frequently and usually you won’t lose your work as the application leverages on macs autobackup feature. Its also good to state that the folks at Bohemian coding releases fixes for known bugs almost every fortnight.

Lack of Bitmaps Tools

I am sad to inform you that aside cropping of images there is not sketch offers when it comes to bitmap
Yes mobile and webdesign relay heavy on use of vector but that does not mean to say you don’t have need for occasional bitmaps works like image filters and manipulations,  this is when Sketch still leaves you at the mercy of Photoshop or Fireworks.

Mac only party

With all the goodies sketch has Instock we are sorry its only on mac and  I don’t think its looking at changing that anytime soon ..so if you are a die hard Windows fan and you have been considering sketch sorry to bust your bubbles you are not welcome here.

Lack of Resources

One of the key factors that makes an effective designers is the wealth of resource (Tutorials, components, template etc) he his exposed to, with sketch mainly because its still a new product you don’t get to have a wealth of resources all you have is  just have an hand full.


Sketch is an awesome solution with a lot of potentials but I think its well suited for small teams that are mac based and for bigger teams like advertising agencies I believe you folks should stick to Whatever Adobe tools you have choosen, you can afford the licence anyway.

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