Xmas wishes to Bohemian coding

Hello all happy holiday. I was thinking to myself some days ago ..what will I really wish for from Santa if I had the opportunity… Well since there is am too old to make a wish to Santa I write this wishes to the folks at bohemian coding here are my wishes from sketch this holiday

Mirror For Android
I am going to design a whole lot of android apps this holiday so can you guys kindly make sketch mirror also work on android phones so I can preview my designs on my phone realtime.

CSS Manipulations
Humm.. This might sound a bit weird but its simple I figure since every object has CSS attributes associated to it basted on my formatting can I have a way to manipulate this CSS directly and the object will be formatted according. This will really save me a whole lot of time a especially when I have a clear style I want to implement in design.

I get to use a lot of symbols I really this they could come in really handy. But Often times I get from page to page and reuse this symbols from page to page I often forget that this . so I make changes to the instance on my current page not knowing its impacts the entire symbol instance and..so what I want is a little alert on the side that tells you that you changes is affect other artboards and pages not in view. This also will work with font format.

Dynamic Text
Often when I create symbols I just want to reuse them as is. But more often I right that that need to make slight text modifications for every particular instance without. SO I really will love to have dynamic text fields that can be within a symbol, so that I can change the text on 1 instance without altering other instances of the symbol.

Image Library
This is straight forward and simple .. I just want to be able to view all images in the project file for one panel and be able to replace them with each other just as symbols behave.

Naira Sign Bug
Lately I am working on a financial app and it has been nightmare formatting the Naira sign on sketch ..OK actually using any sign at all including icon fonts and special characters please fix this as soon possible.

Thanks you as you oblige.

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