Card Layout 101: Desiging mobile app using card layout

The card design pattern is probably one of the hottest design trends in the UI world for 2015 and It will still be in 2016. This is because of it versatility, ease of use and responsiveness. So if you are planning to design patten in any of your mobile design the following tips will be […]

Xmas wishes to Bohemian coding

Hello all happy holiday. I was thinking to myself some days ago ..what will I really wish for from Santa if I had the opportunity… Well since there is am too old to make a wish to Santa I write this wishes to the folks at bohemian coding here are my wishes from sketch this […]

5 Books Every GUI/UX design should read

Over the years there have been several books from different author and publishers aimed at discussing the different facet discipline Graphic User Interface and User experience design. On this post I have handpicked from the crowd the finest publications on the above topic. The design of everyday things. This by far is the most popular […]

Top 5 Career Opportunities That The E-Commerce Boom Brings to Nigeria

Over the last two years, the E-Commerce business in Nigeria has taken a rapid growth. Nigerians are getting more and more in-tune with buying products and services on the web. With the leaders being Jumia and Konga; but for now, there are over 1000 active E-Commerce website in the country selling different products to millions […]

My First Post

Hi, My name is Biyi ‘McLogan’ Adetunji. I am a web, user interface and user experience designer based in Lagos (Nigeria), with about 8 years professional experience. Now, I officially welcome you to my blog. Despite my vast knowledge in IT, web and social media, you may  find it surprising that this is really my first blog post. […]